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​​Baptism: The Beginning!

Baptism is the beginning of our journey of faith within the Church. At baptism parents promise to "raise their child in the practice of the faith." This, of course, presumes a relationship with the Church through worship, an individual prayer life as well as a willingness to conform their own life to the Gospel of Jesus Christ within the Church. To be baptized at St. Lawrence parents must:

1.    Be registered and active (Eucharistic) members of the parish

2.    Participate in the Baptism Preparation Session (sign up through the parish office)

3.    Provide the necessary information about the child and his/her birth, etc.

Baptism classes are scheduled with Father Joe Backowski



Baptism: Special Classes
If your child has not been baptized or was baptized in another Christian denomination,
please contact the parish Office at 320-968-7502.
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