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Parish Office Guidelines:
Just a reminder at this time we are requesting you call ahead 320-968-7502 and make an appointment if you need to
stop at the Parish Office.
Thank you!

Registration forms for the 2023-2024 year can be turned in now.

Registration Form (click here)

As we make  plans to partner with you in the faith formation of your children, we ask that registration for our programs be completed by Sept. 24th so that we are prepared to welcome your child with adequate staff and materials. (Contact Betty or complete a registration form, found in the church entry or on the website) At this time we have needs for teachers in the upper grades as well as substitute teachers. Please contact Betty for further information on this amazing opportunity or to offer your services as a teacher. You'll receive all needed assistance.



All teachers are asked to make every effort to attend the meeting on Wed., Sept. 27th, beginning at 7:00 pm in the lower level of the church to receive program information, materials and class lists.



Begins on Oct. 4th from 6:45-8:00 pm for all registered students in grades 1-9. Watch the coming bulletin for the location site of specific grade levels .



All parents of students in our programs are asked to make plans to attend the information sharing session on Wed, Oct.4th beginning at 6:50 in the church. We'll share our program theme for this year as well as content information. The students will join us later in the evening to ask God's blessing on our year of learning .

Regular Sunday Mass time will remain at 10am until further notice.   

Weekday Mass is Tuesdays at 8:30am. *see note below

*At this time, Tuesday Mass is at 8:30am rather than the former 8:00am. Please check this website and the Sunday bulletin for updates.

Our newest Confirmed young adults.
 Sunday, September 17th at St. Lawrence





We have the opportunity to honor Jesus by visiting the Blessed Sacrament

after Tuesday Mass until 11:00AM.


At least 2 or 3 people should be present during adoration times.

We are in need of regular weekly adorers, so that others who may not be as available can stop and pray when they are available. Please prayerfully consider this special time with Jesus.

Our Diocesan televised Mass reaches nearly all households in our diocese through network programming on KSTC-45 at 11:00am each Sunday morning. Featuring local priests, musicians, and lectors, this Mass is a wonderful opportunity for our homebound parishioners to enjoy their faith with the Diocese of Saint Cloud. Those who can’t watch the Mass on television are invited to view it online below.

Mass On-line


May 7th and May 14th, 2023 Homily Link (click here)

Homily notes July 17th 2022: Steps to join your sufferings to that of Christ’s

Homily homework for Sept 26th: 1 Corinthians 12

Homily homework for Oct 3rd: Malachi chapter 2

The Tenants of the Plantation

Father Joe's Pastoral Nature Notes

**New July 11, 2023** Dragonflies

Deliverance of Rippling and Trickling

The 'Frozen' Narrow Winding Way 

The Son's Dogs

Winter's Tracks 

Masked Bandit

Nimble Nuthatches

Black-capped Chickadee

Madam Marble Eye

Whispering White Pines

Thorns of Eden

Wondrously Mysterious Whitetails

Glorified Charcoal

Magnificent Easter Grass

Bluebird Easter Food

Kahnawake - The Water Speaks

Elegant Trumpeting Waterfowl


Current Events

Below is a link to the, ancient city of Nineveh, now known as Mosul.  Pictures taken of Mosul before and after ISIS:  Iraqi photographer contrasts how ancient city’s landmarks once looked and how they appear now after fanatics’ reign of terror.

Mosul Link

Father Joe’s note on Ukraine: 

Many of the people of Ukraine are of an ancient faith tradition, Easter Orthodox, Greek Catholics, Latin Catholics and Jews make up almost 75% of the Ukrainian population. These are our brothers and sister in the ancient faith that has been handed on to us. Please consider helping relieve the suffering financially by following the link below and selecting one of the Catholic non-profits who can bring these people aid as soon as possible. As Catholic Christians we are called to help others carry their cross just as Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus to carry his cross.


*During these times of fear and uncertainty, now more than ever, we need to cling to the hope we have in Jesus. Please consider tuning into Spirit 92.9 and K-yes on AM 1180 or 93.5 FM for messaging of hope and encouragement. We know that many people are seeking positivity during this time, and you will find exactly that on these two Christian stations. See below for where to listen on the radio, with live streaming.

Contemporary Christian music: Spirit 92.9 FM / / 

Catholic Talk Radio: K-yes on AM 1180 or 93.5 FM / /

Electronic Contributions

The Church of St Lawrence offers parishioners the choice to make contributions; once a month, electronically. No more messing around with envelopes or writing checks! It’s easy to set up. Call the office at 320-968-7502 for more information.

Bulletin Information

If you wish to put some thing in the bulletin, we need the information 1 week before the bulletin actually comes out.

Please give St. Lawrence related information to Ann.

Please give St. Marcus related information to Dana.

Welcome to
St. Lawrence Church​​

Fr. Joseph Backowski


Welcome, and thank you for visiting the new St. Lawrence Catholic Parish website.


St. Lawrence Parish is located in Duelm [Foley], Minnesota. We  are a community that began in 1863 and are a community of 350 families. We are twinned with St. Marcus Parish of Clear Lake.


We welcome all visitors to share in our times of prayer.


God bless you.

Fr. Joseph Backowski

Mass & Reconciliation


8:00 AM – St. Marcus

10:00 AM – St. Lawrence



Monday & Wednesday,

8:30 AM – St. Marcus



8:30 AM – St. Lawrence



St. Lawrence – Duelm

After the Sunday Mass

St. Marcus - Clear Lake:

Saturday at 4:00 PM

About St Lawrence

We have been welcoming people through our doors since 1863.

Maybe you would like to join us for one of our liturgies, through our youth ministry or education programs, possibly through one of our social events? Or might you be in need of one of our many services that we provide?

Our helpful staff and many volunteers are here to make your experience at St. Lawrence one that characterizes our small town personality, warm, friendly and welcoming.


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